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1.2. System Requirements

High Quality Archive NSV Archive
Broadband Internet Connection 2mbps min. Broadband Internet Connection 2mbps min.
Adobe Flash Player version 10 or above Winamp Media Player version 5.54 or above, or
**We Do Not Support Android At This Time**
VLC Media Player version 0.9.6 or above


Supported Web Browsers

Internet Explorer version 7.0 and above*
Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 and above*
Opera version 9.6 to 10.11*
Apple Safari 3.0 and above*/iOS
You must allow cookies and pop-up windows. In2Streams does not place advertizing pop-ups in your web browser. Pop-up windows are for viewing the media you select.
*Earlier versions may work but are not supported by In2Streams


General Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Mac OSX - iOS
Any system which can use any of the above browsers, Adobe Flash Player and Winamp or VLC Media Players


  • Windows 98 systems: Adobe Flash Player will not play video encoded with the H.264 codec. This is due to hardware conflicts with the Adobe software. It is a known issue with Adobe and therefore not supported by In2Streams.
  • Buffering is caused by numerous factors. These factors can include the health of your computer system including percentage of hard drive fragmentation, amount of free disk space, TCP/IP settings (especially Windows XP) which affect RWIN, router/modem congestion or interference (in the case of wireless routers) and concurrent downloads while trying to use our service. Please read our FAQ's for remedies to many buffering problems.
  • Buffering is also caused by general internet congestion, denial of service attacks, faulty internet backbone routers and other causes which can cause high latency and packet loss. In2Streams has ensured that our server network health is optimum, however we have no control over routing and other networks in which our service may travel through to get to your computer.


Adobe Flash PlayerWinamp Media PlayerVLC Media PlayerFirefox Web BrowserOpera Web BrowserApple Safari BrowserInternet Explorer

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