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1.3. Watching Shows in Flash Player

Watching shows is easy.  Your Web Browser must have Adobe Flash Player installed (see System Requirements).

Once you are logged in, you can decide which area you wish to watch shows from:

Recently Added Shows:  This page displays shows recently added.  You can click on the Episode Image to immediately start watching the episode.  If you wish to see all Episodes of the show, click on the Show Name link above the Episode Image.

Just Aired Shows:  This page displays shows just aired on television.  Episodes are sorted by date.  Select the date (today's date is the default selection) you wish to view and ciick the View Episodes button.

Shows that appear in the Just Aired section are just that... shows that have just aired.  If there is a show in the Just Aired section that you wish for us to also add to the All Shows section, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.  The Just Aired section offer more shows than we permanently carry to 1) give our Members a chance to see more than we normally carry, and 2) to assess feedback about what new shows to carry and which shows to just offer in the Just Aired section.  In short, the Just Aired section is a Bonus.  Not all shows will be permanently kept, such as some daily shows, news and current events, etc.  Others, depending upon feedback will be added as permanent additions to In2Streams.

The date indicated on our Site is the date the show was added.  This does not necessarily mean the show aired on that particular date.

Browse All Shows:  This page displays all the shows available for viewing in your Adobe Flash Player.  First, select the Show, then a Season, and finally, the Episode you wish to view.

Show and Episode descriptions can be found by placing your mouse over the Information Icon under each Show or Episode.

If you find an episode that will not play or is broken, is not the correct episode or has the wrong description, please see the Report Broken Episodes section and submit a Support Request.

Average download speed of shows offered:  399kbps

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