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1.6. Reporting Broken Episodes

If you happen to select an episode that will not play or is broken in some other way, please let us know.  We rely on our Members to inform us of problematic episodes.  Once we are informed of a broken episode, we immediately work to repair it.

To Report a Broken Episode, you must open a Support Request and provide us with the following information:

  1. Show Name
  2. Season Number
  3. Episode Number
  4. Exact problem with the individual episode.

Example:  The XYZ Show 1x01 - Will Not Play or No Sound, etc.

We will notify you by email once the episode has been repaired.

REMEMBER:  Be specific when reporting broken episodes.  Telling us that 'some' episodes won't play or have some other problem is not specific enough for us to identify the correct episode(s) to repair.

If you find other things that are incorrect, such as episode order, episode titles or descriptions, please let us know using the same format above.  Being as specific as possible will help us to correct the issue in a more timely manner.


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