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1.7. Flash Buffer Settings & Progressive Streaming

The User's Menu contains a link where you can change the Buffer Setting in seconds.  This setting changes the amount of time the show buffers in your Flash Player before it begins playback.  The Default Setting is 25 seconds.

From time to time, depending upon your computer, internet connection and internet routing, the show stream can be adversely affected causing playback to buffer (stop-start-stop...etc.).  Changing the amount of time you buffer can minimize this buffer effect or altogether eliminate it.

While the default mode of streaming is the RTMP method, pioneered by the Adobe Corporation, if you continue to experience buffering, you may wish to change your streaming method to Progressive Download.  Simply use the Buffer Settings link in the User's Menu to make this change.  Simply check the Progressive Download box and click the Change button.  From then on, your streaming will be in Progressive Download mode instead of RTMP.

Please note that some shows (less than 1%) will not play in progressive download mode.  Additionally, the seek feature of the in-browser player may not work as it does in RTMP streaming mode.

If, when using Progressive Download, you receive an Exclaimation Point ("!") when trying to view an episode, please wait 5 seconds and try your episode again.  Due to certain security measures, progressive download can exceed the maximum allowable connections to our system.  Waiting the 5 seconds and trying again will solve this problem if it occurs.

Progressive Download may take a little longer than your pre-set buffer setting before it starts to play.  It can take as long as 1 minute longer than your pre-set buffer setting.

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