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2.8. Flash Player Stuttering or Hanging in Firefox

If you use Firefox, at times you may experience video stuttering while the sound is not affected.  Basically, what you experience is frozen frames or skipped action and then it will resume for a period and begin again.  This is a result of your Firefox Buffer which is pre-set in Firefox.  Fortunately, if you do experience this problem there is a fix:  you can change the Firefox Buffer!

To change your Firefox Buffer:

1) Type about:config into address bar and press Enter.
2) Right click anywhere to bring up a submenu
3) Choose ‘New’ then ‘integer’
4) Paste the following into the dialogue that appears: browser.cache.memory.capacity
5) Click Ok
6) Specify amount in kb (about 80000 should be ok) in the next dialogue that appears
7) Restart Firefox and happy viewing.

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