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1.7. Blocked Account Access

In an effort to protect our Members accounts and stop bandwidth abuse, our system will automatically block accounts that are shared.  A shared account is any account that has Two (2) or more simultaneous IP connections to our service.

To prevent your account from being blocked, please do not share your account.  You may also wish to logout from one computer if you plan on using another computer at a different location.

IF YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN AUTOMATICALLY BLOCKED - please submit a Support Request to our Help Desk.  We will review the access history on your account and un-block your account if we determine that our Terms of Service have not been violated.

Accounts that have their payments in question will also automatically be blocked until such time as In2Streams can verify payment.  This includes accounts that have paid using credit cards without the owner's consent (eg. credit card fraud, improper use, identity theft, etc.).  All accounts paid using nefarious means will have funds refunded and will be blocked.  In2Streams reserves the right to be sole judge if a credit card was used improperly.

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