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1.8. Membership Cancellation

You may cancel your Membership at any time.  If you have used our Secure Payment Processor, you may go to Your Membership Information Area by clicking the "My Account" link under "Settings" in the Top Menu bar.  Once at Your Membership Information page, view "Your Payment History" and click the "Cancel" link under your most current subscription period.  This will stop your credit card from being charged and cancel your account.

If your membership is paid through a Third Party Payment Processor, you MUST login to the Third Party Payment Processor and cancel your account from there.  Since Third Party Payment Processors only send our system notification of payment, you cannot cancel your account directly from our site.

If you need help cancelling your account, please submit a Support Request through our Help Desk.  Please note that if you request us to cancel your account we require 3 days prior notification.

Your account may also be cancelled if your payment is declined.  Our system and Third Party Payment Processors will attempt to collect your payment two (2) times.  If it is not successfully collected, your account will automatically be cancelled.  You can renew your account at any time.

Members who cancel their accounts prior to their scheduled re-bill date will still have full access to their accounts until the scheduled re-bill/expiration date.

We do not pro-rate monthly membership subscriptions or issue refunds on unused subscriptions.

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